Physique en fête, du scolaire au grand public...

Tout un programme pour les lycéens accueillis durant 2 jours. Ils ont appréhendé la diversité des recherches effectuées au sein de l’Institut Néel : des propriétés de la matière au zéro absolu en passant par les différents états du carbone et les microscopies. Samedi 14 octobre, l’Institut Néel a donné rendez-vous au grand public : ateliers pour enfants, stands, visites "découverte"... Une journée qui a su ravir le public venu en nombre ! Photo

GREKIT Workshop, return game in Karlsruhe

A delegation of 20 researchers of Néel Institute and INAC took part from October 4th to October 6th 2017 to the second GREKIT workshop in Karlsruhe, Germany. Read more here

A world map to find promising materials

A study co-led by scientists at the Institut Néel - CNRS in Grenoble, University of Liverpool and Università de l’Aquila has discovered the relationship between the structure of a molecular material and its properties as a semiconductor. Read more here

Latest publications

Thermal Conductance of a Single-Electron Transistor


Electrical Read-Out of a Single Spin Using an Exchange-Coupled Quantum Dot

ACS NANO, Apr. 2017 Pdf

Scientific highlights

Probing the anisotropy of optical fibres by Third Harmonic Generation

An optical fibre is a fantastic tool for confining light over a huge distance, especially in modern telecommunications. We now have available a broad range of optical fibres for diverse uses. For most applications, any effect that modifies the polarization of the light propagating in the fibre must be avoided. Full text.

Microtransfer setup for assembling smart stacks

Recent, innovatory 2-Dimensional materials, such as graphene (a monolayer of carbon atoms) or transition metal di-chalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2...), can be assembled into a variety of heterostructures. These socalled “van der Waals” structures are opening up new fields for exploratory physics and applications. At the Institut NÉEL, we have developed a micro-transfer platform with a lateral mechanical-alignment precision of order one micron, which we use for making stacks of different 2D exfoliated materials. Full text.


Mardi 24 octobre 11:00

Séminaire MCBT

Marc FAUCHER (CNRS-IEMN, Villeneuve d’Ascq)

Advances in Atomic Force Microscope instrumentation using high frequency MEMS and NEMS probes

Jeudi 26 octobre 09:30

Séminaire QUEST

Richard Martel (Université de Montréal)

Defect-mediated second order resonances in exfoliated black phosphorus

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