Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 awarded to Gérard Mourou

Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 was awarded to 3 researchers, including Gérard Mourou Emeritus Professor at Ecole polytechnique, for their work on lasers. Profile of Gérard Mourou.

A brilliant collaboration!

Khaled DRICHE, a PhD student in the Grand Gap Semiconductor Team (SC2G) in double-degree with University of Tsukuba, received the Graduate Student Award at the E-MRS conference in Warsaw. Read more here.

Grand prix coup de cœur du jury i-Lab 2018 : MOÏZ

Le 5 juillet 2018, le projet MOïZ, porté par Thierry Garret, a obtenu la récompense suprême en étant nommé lauréat du grand prix concours i-Lab 2018. Ce plus grand concours d’innovation deep tech récompense des projets s’inscrivant dans l’un des défis sociétaux de France/Europe 2020. La suite ici.

Latest publications

Nonlocal supercurrent of quartets in a three-terminal Josephson junction

PNAS, July 3, 2018. 115 (27) 6991-6994 Pdf

Eigenmode orthogonality breaking and anomalous dynamics in multimode nano-optomechanical systems under non-reciprocalcoupling

Nature Communications, (2018) 9:1401 Pdf

Scientific highlights

3. “Seeing” electrochemical growth of ultra-thin metal films

Ultra-thin metallic films have attracted considerable interest in many scientific fields, including physics, chemistry and biology. They have numerous industrial applications, in catalysis, nano-­electronics, coatings in metallurgy, surfaces of implants in medicine... The technique of grazing incidence X-Ray diffraction is well adapted for elucidating the surface structure and morphology of such films at the atomic scale. Full text.

Nanoscale nonlinear plasmonics

Integrating quantum-optics devices is one of the main challenges for the next decade especially in view of microprocessor-scale quantum computing. This requires taking experiments that are done today on an optical table and downsizing them to a few hundred nanometres, the equivalent to what was done in the past century for transistors. Full text.


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