Deuxième édition grenobloise des RJP (Rencontres des Jeunes Physicien-ne-s)

La deuxième édition grenobloise des "Rencontres des Jeunes Physicien-ne-s (RJP)" s’est tenue vendredi dernier 31 mars à la salle Canopé de Grenoble. Article ici.

3N-Lab Workshop on Permanent Magnets

Néel and NIMS (National Institute for Material Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan), organized the “3N-Lab workshop on permanent magnets” on March 24th. Read more here.

Voyage d’étude pour 14 lycéens de l’université d’Okayama

L’Institut NEEL a accueilli mercredi 22 mars, dans le cadre du programme Global Science Campus - Okayama* (GSCO), 14 lycéens de Okayama university, accompagnés de leurs 3 professeurs, Isao HARADA, Michinobu MINO et Christopher CREIGHTON. La suite ici.

Latest publications

Tunable transmission of quantum Hall edge channels with full degeneracy lifting in split-gated graphene devices


Strain-Gradient Position Mapping of Semiconductor Quantum Dots


Scientific highlights

Microtransfer setup for assembling smart stacks

Recent, innovatory 2-Dimensional materials, such as graphene (a monolayer of carbon atoms) or transition metal di-chalcogenides (MoS2, WSe2...), can be assembled into a variety of heterostructures. These socalled “van der Waals” structures are opening up new fields for exploratory physics and applications. At the Institut NÉEL, we have developed a micro-transfer platform with a lateral mechanical-alignment precision of order one micron, which we use for making stacks of different 2D exfoliated materials. Full text.

A quantum phase transition seen from 0 to 600 K

We are accustomed to attributing phase transitions from an ordered state towards a disordered state to a temperature increase that agitates the atoms till the order is totally broken at a critical temperature Tc. However, this type of transition can also occur at strictly zero absolute temperature, when a parameter such as pressure or magnetic field or (in the case of an alloy) the proportion x of one component is varied. Full text.


Mercredi 3 mai 14:00

Séminaire exceptionnel PLUM

Marc VERDIER (Directeur de Recherche au SIMAP)

propriétés mécaniques locales : expériences et simulations concernant les méthodes développées au SIMAP à base de nano-indentation in situ couplées MEB / Diffraction Cohérente

Jeudi 4 mai 09:30

Séminaire QUEST

Gaël Reecht (FU Berlin)

Transport and optoelectronic properties of single molecules investigated by STM


Cargèse, July 2017

SAWtrain Summer School

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